SWF E 1506C Lighting

FL20SD/18 fluorescent bulb replacement

Today we had two bulbs go out on our SWF 6 head machine. leaving the operator in the dark. So now we have to find replacements. The first problem is, I don’t read Korean.

23" Florescent tube

EAGLITE FL20SD/18  Specifications

EAGLITE FL20SD/18 Specifications


After a little research I was able to determine the spec’s I needed to find a replacement. 18 watts, 28mm dia/ 580mm length, G13 pin type, .350 Amps /1130 Lumen’s, 8500 hrs

As Measured on our Machine

23.25 in  / T10 / G13 / 20W

The 580 mm or “22.8 inch”, 22mm diameter of the tube is “1.1/8in.” which is close to T10 tube type,  G13 is the pin type “Medium Bi-pin” or two pins spaced 13 mm a part, 1130 Lumen’s is brightness, “8500hr Average lifetime rating”

As you can see from the measurements we took, the more common 24 inch bulbs would not work. We ordered one just to verify. It is about 1/2 in too long pin tip to pin tip. Note: Some machines the sockets are adjustable and will accept the 24 in bulb.


We found best results searching the terms  “23.25 in fluorescent tube t10 g13” on the search engines. There are a couple of quick links below. price range from $12 – $25 depending on site. we notice different pricing through amazon even with the same supplier? Always verify sepc’s before ordering.

Atlanta Bulbs         eLightBulbs

Recommended Replacing:

When multiple bulbs are in a circuit; if one bulb burns out, you really should replace all bulbs at same time. When one bulb is at it’s end of life, the others will be near their end of life too. Replacing all of them will help maintain an even light exposure in the work area. Keep good working bulbs as spares for emergencies.